Thursday, February 9, 2017


I think I need to improve in being able to come up with project ideas that contain a good story. The ones I have chosen are ok, but may be confusing or not apparent. I could also improve on the quality of my work as well, and motivating myself to work harder to make a good piece. Problems I encountered with doing this assignment was coming up with the ideas and executing them properly. I had to get one of my friends to be the model of it. The quality of the photos could also be improved upon. It doesn't help that I was only using my phone for the pictures and not an actual camera. A camera definitely would have helped. How I solved the problem of the quality was by using photoshop to increase the brightness and contrast on some of the photos that needed it. I was able to overcome my problems of not being able to come up with a story by getting help from my friend and brainstorming, but they still could be better. My standards weren't the highest because I wasn't the most confident in my ability to create good quality photos with a story. But in the end, I think they turned out just fine. What was satisfying about the process of making the photos was seeing my ideas come to life. Going out with my friend to take the photos was enjoyable as well. I would give this assignment a B, because I did try to do the assignment, but I feel like it could be better. I think my assignment met the standards by creating the 4 triptychs but as I said before, the story could maybe be a bit better and maybe a bit more obvious, and the photos could be of higher quality. Things I would like to improve on would be photo composition and ability to tell an intriguing story. Things I would like more help with are the things I want to improve upon, as well as aperture of the camera. I think all of my assignments, and not just this one, could use the same types of improvement. Better quality camera, better composition, and better storytelling. I think my best assignment that I have done is my architecture one, as well as some of the photos in the anything project. I think I am drawn to geometrical shapes and lighting.